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This dramatic portrait, featuring Still Point Founder/Artistic Director Lisa Wagner-Carollo, follows Dorothy Day from her days as a 17 year-old Greenwich Village bohemian through her later years as a tireless champion of social justice. Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day has been touring the U.S. since May of 1990, and has also been presented internationally at the Pax Christi International Conference in Assisi, Italy in 1995, and at the 1999 Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town, South Africa.


The True Cost: Stories of Human Trafficking gives voice to the forgotten ones: the people who are forced into sexual servitude; the children who are exploited as slave labor to provide cheap goods sold in our very own neighborhoods; the women and men who are lured into domestic labor that turns out to be entrapment rather than employment. Renowned Chicago playwright Jenny Magnus has created a breathtaking play using the true stories of trafficking survivors, obtained through interviews with anonymous volunteer participants.



Visionary at the Helm by Anita Dacanay and Lisa Wagner-Carollo chronicles the vocation of Monsignor John O’Grady, who led the National Conference of Catholic Charities from 1920-1961. Catholic Charities USA commissioned Still Point to create this one man play honoring O’Grady’s life. He became a prominent and vocal figure as secretary of the NCCC, working to professionalize Catholic social services by developing and training diocesan organizations and improving communication across charitable agencies.

Continuous Evolution

Continuous Evolution is a show created and performed by our ensemble at Grace House Transitional Home. It was produced virtually in the middle of the 2020 COVID-19  pandemic. Our cast rose to the challenge of the pandemic and found a way to produce an engaging, heartwarming display of personal stories, poetry, and music via Zoom. Continuous Evolution invites audience members to listen to stories written, produced, and performed by women who are system-impacted. The result is a healing and moving experience that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, builds community and invites dialogue.



Named after the sixth mass extinction event that is currently underway, The Sixth Festival is a fringe fest where anyone and everyone is invited to participate in or hold events to address climate change, the most urgent matter of our time.

From April 22 - May 2, 2021, the festival had its first run. There were 25 events over 10 days with over 80 presenters. From volunteer days at urban farms feeding and employing Chicago's most marginalized, to international panels with national security, finance, and wildlife experts, to poetry slams, to outdoor pageants, the festival will continue to operate annually as well as throughout the year until the planet is protected and we live in a more just society.

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