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“…A wonderfully uplifting theater experience"

 -Cynthia Martens, Sojourners Magazine

“It’s not easy to capture the spirit of a woman nominated for sainthood, but Wagner does it with charm, wit and tremendous faith in the power of her words. Day is fascinating because she was so human and so holy at the same time, and Wagner and her co-writers … are wise enough to show both sides. They skillfully balance Day’s charms, passions, mistakes and misgivings making the point that people who are not perfect in a dogmatically religious sense are still capable of performing great acts of faith and love.”
-Maura Troester, Chicago Reader 

Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day
Haunted by God is an acclaimed play about the co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement, Dorothy Day (1897-1980), who spent 47 years caring for the poor and leading the Catholic Church to a more active concern for the needy in U.S. society. The Catholic Worker became a living movement that has been responsible for feeding and housing the homeless; and today, there are over 200 Catholic Worker houses around the world. Pope Francis praised Day in a speech to the U.S. Congress, saying, “Her social activism, her passion for justice and for the cause of the oppressed, were inspired by the Gospel, her faith, and the example of the saints.”

This dramatic portrait, featuring Still Point Founder/Artistic Director Lisa Wagner-Carollo, follows Dorothy Day from her days as a 17 year-old Greenwich Village bohemian through her later years as a tireless champion of social justice. Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day has been touring the U.S. since May of 1990, and has also been presented internationally at the Pax Christi International Conference in Assisi, Italy in 1995, and at the 1999 Parliament of World Religions in Cape Town, South Africa.

Haunted by God was written by Paul Amandes, Lisa Wagner-Carollo and Robert McClory. It was directed by Virginia Smith, with costume and set design by Daniel Ostling. Lisa Wagner-Carollo performs the play.



– Local Performance (0-4 hours round trip travel) Sliding Scale: $750.-$1,200.

– Non-Local Performance (requiring plane travel or over 4 hours round trip travel) Sliding scale: $1000.-$1450.

– Travel, food and lodging for one actress.

– Running time of show: 90 minutes

– This play can be accompanied by a Power Point presentation with Spanish scene descriptions for Spanish/English bilingual audiences.

Please contact Lisa Wagner-Carollo at

(773) 868-1700 or



Haunted By God: The Life of Dorothy Day can be booked for a special, invitation-only performance in your home, providing that you have a room large enough! These intimate shows are a fun and innovative way to support Still Point. To present the play in your home, you must have a large living room and be able to host at least 10 guests for the audience. Still Point staff will transform your living room into a performance space, including a back drop and lighting. After presenting this acclaimed one woman show, Still Point Founder/Artistic Director Lisa Wagner-Carollo will give a short talk about the organization and collect donations to support our work. The guests/audience members must understand that the performance is a fundraiser for Still Point.

If you would like to learn more about hosting a benefit performance of Haunted by God in your home, please contact Lisa Wagner-Carollo at (773) 868-1700 or

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