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Still Point artists conduct theatre and music classes with developmentally disabled adults at multiple sites around the Chicagoland area. Programs include regular performances, exposing audiences to the humor and artistry of these remarkable men and women. Through the Imagination Workshop, Still Point cultivates greater community integration, seeking to break stereotypes and reduce stigmas associated with disability.


The Persephone Project provides theatre programs for currently and formerly incarcerated women. Still Point facilitates theatre workshops for women in Chicago-area detention centers, with a four-month creative process culminating in a special on-site performance. We support women after release with programming designed to address their needs for community, information, and encouragement during this critical time of transition. The ultimate goal of this branch of programming is to prevent recidivism.


Our senior citizens offer us a wealth of experience, perspective, and wisdom. Sage Theatre Works seeks to highlight these gifts by creating performance opportunities for older people. These ongoing weekly classes are structured with both the needs and desires of participants taking priority. Performances provide seniors with meaningful challenges and an opportunity to have their gifts acknowledged and appreciated.

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