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Continuous Evolution

“If it weren’t for Grace House and Grace House introducing me to Still Point and Still Point working alongside me, I wouldn’t be in the shoes I’m in today- with the new skills and attitude I have today.”
-Heather Rivett

“We wear many masks when we are in addiction and we’re living the lifestyles we live, so it kind of lets me put those things to play in a positive way.”

-Janice Nicastro

“I’m just grateful that I came to Grace House which led me to Still Point because I think it’s making me a well-rounded person. I’m challenging myself to do things I never thought I would have done.”
-Arnetha Lofton

Continuous Evolution is a show created and performed by our ensemble at Grace House Transitional Home. Our 2020-2021 season marked our 5th at Grace House and the cast took on the incredible challenge of producing an original virtual performance through Zoom. The result is a healing and moving experience that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, builds community and invites dialogue.


The show is 30-minutes long and is followed by a talkback discussion with the performers. Continuous Evolution is part of Still Point’s Persephone Project, which provides theatre & creative writing programming and employment opportunities to women who are currently incarcerated as well as women exiting the Illinois prison system. Our Grace House program gives financial compensation to participants to write, produce, and perform their own original work. 

The show is available for virtual screenings with an option for in-person post-show discussion. For booking information, please email Clearie McCarthy at



-For more information please contact


-We offer a sliding scale to accommodate the needs and resources of your organization.

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