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Visionary at the Helm: The Bold Leadership of Monsignor John O’Grady
Visionary at the Helm by Anita Dacanay and Lisa Wagner-Carollo chronicles the vocation of Monsignor John O’Grady, who led the National Conference of Catholic Charities from 1920-1961. Catholic Charities USA commissioned Still Point to create a one man play honoring O’Grady’s life. O’Grady was born in Ireland and moved to the United States after he was ordained. He became a prominent and vocal figure as secretary of the NCCC, working to professionalize Catholic social services by developing and training diocesan organizations and improving communication across charitable agencies. Msgr. O’Grady also advocated for New Deal relief measures, the Social Security Act, housing legislation, measures for displaced persons following World War II, and immigration reform; testifying before Congress on multiple occasions. This play pays tribute to a dedicated clergyman and influential historical figure.


The play was directed by Virginia Smith and is performed by Nate Smith.




This play was commissioned by Catholic Charities USA, and can be booked for performances by special arrangement with CCUSA.

Please contact Lisa Wagner-Carollo at (773) 868-1700 or


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