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“Participating in the theatre class has made me realize I can act and have fun… I never thought I had any talent — but I do!"
 -Ellen Stenson, Bethany Retirement Community

Sage Theatre Workshop honors and celebrates the experience, creativity, and wisdom of senior citizens. These weekly one-hour classes are structured with both the needs and desires of participants taking priority. Music, movement, recitation, and theater games are used in classes. Seniors draw on the richness of their life experience to develop interesting characters and scenes through improvisation.

Performances provide our seniors with meaningful challenges and an opportunity to have their gifts and ideas acknowledged and appreciated. Class members may discover new talents or re-kindle long buried dreams of being on stage. Creative arts programming can also provide a welcome positive focus and intellectual stimulation, as participants confront health issues and the ongoing transitions of aging. Guest speakers and artists provide entertainment, stimulation, and inspiration for the participants.
Sage Theatre Workshop creates a place for older members of the community to continue a path of personal growth and self-expression.

For more information please call (773) 868-1700 or email

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