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Here are all the exciting ways that you can join our collective.


Still Point believes that we all matter and art matters for all of us!  No matter your background or experience, we need your help to yield the power of theatre and create the world we want to see! We welcome any and all expertise you may have to assist with our various outreach theatre programs, professional touring shows, or various administrative tasks that keep our organization running. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact Lisa Wagner-Carollo at


For many of us, theatre has laid bare the incredible role community plays in our lives. Since1993, our organization has made it a part of our mission to foster community in ourneighborhood and beyond. Every month, Still Point hosts a salonathon at our office in theRavenswood Presbyterian Church. These events provide an opportunity for Still Point staff,volunteers, friends and other members of the Chicago theatre community to gather, dine andcelebrate life! Salons are usually potluck-style and attendees are encouraged to share originalart.


*Note, due to COVID19, we have adapted to having virtual salons until further notice. If youwould like to be added to our salonathon email list, please contact Clearie McCarthy


Still Point is in the initial development phases of creating a Theatre collective focused on the current climate and ecological crisis. We believe theatre has an important role to play in the fight for climate justice!


If you are interested in joining this group please contact (All are welcome, no theatre experience required)

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