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“Palliative care providers should be supported in their meaningful and often difficult roles, so innovative educational programs such as Deep Listening are truly needed. They provide invaluable reflection, unique entertainment and dialogue about successful coping strategies. I wholeheartedly encourage adding this program to your next meeting, conference or workshop"

 -Dr. Bernie Siegel Author of the books Love, Medicine and Miracles and Peace, Love and Healing

“As a parish faith community of many ages and walks of life, Deep Listening provided a powerful avenue for exploring issues and realities of life and death, especially as we gathered for our annual ‘All Saints’ celebration. People still talk about being moved by Lisa’s performance these many months later. Open yourselves to Deep Listening in all its forms.” 
-Michael Griffin Director of Faith Formation, Pax Christi Catholic Community

“Deep Listening takes a medley of real life experiences and compiles them into a beautifully moving theatrical presentation of how healthcare professionals view death and dying. Lisa’s affecting performance accurately portrayed the different perspectives of both the professional and the patient.”
-Andrea Karoff MSW, LCSW Program Coordinator, Gilda’s Club Chicago

“I strongly recommend Deep Listening as a must-see for all healthcare professionals.”
-Judi O’Hara, RN,MS,CAGS Nursing and Health Sciences,Rivier College

Deep Listening is a one-person play exploring the subjects of death, dying and end of life care. The play conveys valuable insights to caregivers. While conducting research interviews with healthcare providers, playwright Teresa Weed was informed that, “As a culture, we are dying very badly.” This vivid, moving play focuses attention on a stark reality we all face, but which is rarely addressed openly in our society. Deep Listening engages the audience with familiar stories, gentle humor and simple songs, reinforcing palliative education while candidly exploring the reality of what it is like to “look death in the face” on a daily basis.

This 75 minute play works well as a discussion springboard for subsequent facilitations, encouraging audiences to integrate head and heart into their work. Deep Listening tours to healthcare facilities, conferences, schools, churches, and conventions. 

Deep Listening was written by Teresa Weed with original music by Paul Amandes. The play is performed by Lisa Wagner-Carollo. It was directed by Virginia Smith and designed by Holly Windingstad. Chris Carollo is the Technical Director.



– Local Performance (0-4 hours round trip travel) Sliding Scale: $1200.-$1400.

– Non-Local Performance (requiring plane travel or over 4 hours round trip travel) Sliding scale: $1500.-$1700.

– Travel, room, and board for two people.

– Running time of show: 75 minutes (No Intermission)

Please contact Lisa Wagner-Carollo at (773) 868-1700 or


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