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Professional Theatre Productions

Deep Listening

Deep Listening is a one-person play written by Teresa Weed and produced by Still Point Theatre exploring the subjects of death, dying and end of life care and conveys valuable insights to congregations, physicians, nurses, hospice workers, students, administrators, social workers, ministers and counselors.

Lisa Wagner-Carollo, founder of Still Point and the show's sole performer, lived at a homeless shelter for people with HIV/AIDS for two years. Inspired by this experience, Wagner commissioned playwright Teresa Weed to create Deep Listening. In Weed's interviews with healthcare providers, she was informed that "As a culture, we are dying very badly." The result of this collaboration of artists and those in the field has developed into a vivid, moving play.

Deep Listening engages the audience with familiar stories, gentle humor and simple songs, reinforcing palliative education while candidly exploring the reality of what it is like to "look death in the face" on a daily basis. This 70 minute play serves as a discussion springboard for subsequent facilitations, encouraging audiences to integrate head and heart into their work. Deep Listening tours to healthcare facilities, conferences, schools, churches, and conventions.

Deep Listening is performed by Lisa Wagner-Carollo with original music by Paul Amandes, designed by Holly Windingstad, with Chris Carollo as Technical Director. Deep Listening is supported in part by the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, the Puffin Foundation and Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital (Ann Arbor, MI).


Haunted By God

Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day is an acclaimed play about the co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement, who spent 47 years caring for the poor and leading the Catholic Church to a more active concern for the needy in U.S. society.

Hailed as "a moving, magnificent one-woman show," this dramatic portrait, featuring Still Point Founding Director Lisa Wagner-Carollo, follows Dorothy from her days as a 17 year-old Greenwich Village bohemian, through her middle years as a social activist and journalist to her later years as an elderly, wise leader.

Dorothy Day (1897-1980) was a powerful woman of immense conviction. In 1933, she and a French-born itinerant philosopher Peter Maurin co-founded the Catholic Worker in New York. The Catholic Worker became a living movement that has been responsible for feeding and housing the homeless, while maintaining a monthly nationally-read newspaper. Today, there are over 100 Catholic Worker houses in the United States and around the world, including communities in Toronto and Oxford, England.

Dorothy spent 47 years living with the poor and challenging the U.S. Government to halt acts of war. She is known as the "mother of the peace movement" in the United States and has influenced such American peacemakers as Daniel Berrigan and Michael Harrington. Day has been called "the most significant, interesting and influential person in the history of the American Catholic Church."

Haunted by God was performed at the Pax Christi International Conference in Assisi, Italy in May of 1995. In 1999, it was performed in Cape Town, South Africa at the Parliament of World Religions. It was written by Paul Amandes, Lisa Wagner-Carollo (who also portrays Day) and Robert McClory. Directed by Virginia Smith, with costume and set design by Daniel Ostling, this acclaimed production has been touring the U.S. since May 1990 (including Guam/2006) and toured Europe in February and March of 1994.


House Shows

Still Point Theatre Collective's Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day House Show is now available for anyone living in the Chicago land area who has a large living room and who will host at least 10 guests for the audience. The guests/audience members must understand that the performance is a fundraiser for Still Point.

By hosting a House Show you are partnering with Still Point Theatre Collective. Still Point staff will provide the technical support and the performance. We will come to your home and help you transform your living room into a performance space. We will provide the back drop and the lighting. World renowned actress Lisa Wagner-Carollo will provide a moving performance (please see a video clip and written information about Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day).

As the host, you are expected to provide invitations for your guests sent out via email or mail at least 3-weeks in advance of the performance, and a reminder to guests sent one week in advance of the performance. The host is expected to provide refreshments and a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is highly recommended that you invite more than 10 people to ensure you have at least 10 guests. After the performance a hat will be passed around for audience donations.

Still Point Theatre Collective
Before living room is transformed into a performance space

Still Point Theatre Collective
After living room is transformed into a performance space

Still Point Theatre Collective

Still Point Theatre Collective


Living Water

Living Water: The Story of St. Gabriel the Archangel Church
"Still Point's play Living Water: The Story of St. Gabriel the Archangel Church was so well received in our parish. It was such a moving experience... and an important message for the Church today. I would highly recommend this production for any community of faith!""

- Fr. Brian G. Walker, OP
St. Benedict the African Church, Chicago, IL

This four person play is based on the resilient community of St. Gabriel the Archangel Church in New Orleans. On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina flooded 80% of the city of New Orleans, devastating St. Gabriel's entire parish plant and the homes of all of the parishioners. St. Gabriel was scheduled to be closed along with 27 other parishes. The church was allowed to remain open only by agreeing to forego any insurance money. Father Doug Doussan, Sister Kathleen Pittman, and the entire congregation set about the seemingly impossible task of trying to restore both the neighborhood and the parish.

In February of 2011, Lisa Wagner-Carollo, Founding Director of Still Point Theatre Collective, attended a conference at which Fr. Doug Doussan and Sr. Kathleen Pittman presented the story of how St. Gabriel had survived the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. She felt immediately that this story could be profoundly moving and inspiring to others, as it was to her.

Based on extensive interviews with members of the St. Gabriel community, the play tells the modern resurrection story of a parish that experienced heartache and healing together. From a young woman who was a teenager at the time of Katrina, to a college administrator who serves on the Church's finance committee, to a seasoned church elder, to Fr. Doug and Sr. Kathleen - the voices of St. Gabriel weave together to create the tapestry of this story. Accented with original music and liturgical scenes that celebrate the unifying power of shared worship, this Still Point production is intended to inspire audiences, and to spark meaningful dialogue around how to bring the lessons of St. Gabriel's into our own faith communities.

The play was co-written by Lisa Wagner-Carollo and Anita Dacanay, and directed by Virginia Smith. Holly Windingstad designed the set and costumes, and Damon Lee composed the music.

Living Water

Living Water


Sisters Rising

The concept for this group came from several conversations between Lisa Wagner-Carollo, Still Point founder, and Annalise Raziq, one of the Persephone Project facilitators, about the joys and challenges of working with incarcerated women.

They had discovered that one of the most difficult struggles of the Persephone Project was inconsistent attendance. They'd be right in the middle of developing the women's trust in each other and themselves, when someone would be unexpectedly transferred to another facility. Even more heartbreaking was the fact that often deep and moving pieces were created, yet very few individuals outside the prison wall would experience the women's artistry.

As an extension of the work done in prisons, and to address these challenges, Still Point began the Sisters Rising Project in early 2007.

Sisters Rising provides part-time work for formerly incarcerated women. Program participants meet throughout the year to create original theatre pieces and to tell their stories. They perform throughout the Chicago area. Thanks to a generous grant from the Chicago Foundation for Women, the pilot program, comprised of ten incredibly courageous, creative and strong formerly incarcerated women, lasted ten weeks, culminating in a performance at the Court Theatre in Chicago. (For this pilot program, Still Point collaborated with CLAIM, Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers, Women of Power, and Books for Women in Prison.) For additional information on Sisters Rising please Click Here.

This inspiring troupe is available to perform at your next conference, rally, church or social justice function. For more information please contact Lisa Wagner-Carollo at (773) 868-1700 or

This program is partially supported by grants from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency; The Saints; and Mary's Pence


Strong Women

Still Point has created a short theatrical piece entitled Strong Women, which is built solely around poetry written by women incarcerated at the Cook County jail. This inspiring performance explores the shock of arrival and separation from children, the experience of Still Point Theatre Collectiveincarceration and abuse, the search for one's spirit in the midst of adversity, and the quest to grow as a person and eventually release long-held fears.

The piece is performed by current or past facilitators in the Persephone Project prison workshops. The thirty minute performance is followed by brief reflections given by the performers about their own experiences working with women in prison.